Friday, March 25, 2011

crtical week... [MUET examination]


hey guys.. maybe this entry i'll be write in english.. eventhough my english is not as fluent as u guys, but i think writing on my own blog is the best way as it will help me improving my language skills..

okay, let's going through on the topic that i wanna share to u... around 3.3o pm today, i've already checked my MUET registeration slip... because my luvly teacher said u can check when is your exam date and what candidate u will be.. so, like i said that i've already checked.. and u guys can see my schedule on my MUET exam..

so, i'll be starting on monday (april 4, 2011) for my 1st test which is speaking exam.. ouhh noo.. kinda' thrilling... huhuu~ i hope i can speak out very well make examiner impressed on me.. huuu~ what a tough task for me... and after speaking exam, i'll be sitting for another 3 tests which is reading, writing and listening... 3 tests on a half a day... ouhh gosh... i must preparing myself very well... NO SLEEPING DURING THE EXAM !! haiiyyyooo... =.=''

so, no playing around xurra... study smart to get the best band... so, i hope i can do very well and get the flying colours result... insha-allah... for the readers, if i doing anything wrong to u, i beg for my apologize... and last but not least, pray for my success..

okay, that's all for today... till i meet u with another entries...

wassalam + papaiii.. :)

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